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About Kids-Did-It! Designs®

“Take their artwork off the refrigerator, frame it and hang it on the wall! 

  Treat it as fine art - that’s what we do!” 

                                                                           ~ Michelle Abrams, Art Instructor

Art Instructor, Michelle Abrams

Established in 1996,  Kids-Did-It! Designs® is a California art-licensing and design studio, representing a unique catalog of 500 charming, colorful images created by young art students, ages 3 to 14; most created under the guidance of Artist, Author, Art Director and Art Instructor, Michelle Abrams. In addition to learning the basics of art and design, each young artist represented in the Kids-Did-It! kid's art collection also earns a royalty for the reproduction or sale of their artwork.

The artwork is timeless, cute and colorful and appeals to anyone who loves children and responds to the innocence and enthusiasm they bring to their artwork.

California Artist, Author, Art Director and Art Instructor, Michelle Abrams, has a Master of Fine Arts degree fromYale Universityand a broad range of professional experience in the creative arts, including animating for Sesame Street, serving as a multimedia Creative Director, and managing her design studio. Now a mother of two full-time artists, Michelle currently lives in San Diego, CA and teaches art to adults and young children.

During the summer, when her two children were very young, Michelle invited them and their close friends into her brightly lit studio, set out her art supplies and introduced them to the magic of art and design. Over the next 16+ years Michelle continued teaching local students, ages 5 to 14, during summer art classes in her garage-turned-studio.

One afternoon in 1996, when looking around the studio, Michelle and her husband, Glenn, were amazed at the quality of the student artwork displayed there.

The exuberant images were cute, colorful and quite inspirational– with many worthy of being called ‘fine art’ in the tradition of Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso or Miro. Inspired, they began reproducing them as greeting cards and offered them for sale in local galleries, small retail gift shops, including the San Diego Children's Museum. 

The enthusiastic response to the kid’s artwork was encouraging, and it was then that Michelle and Glenn, an event Producer and Graphic Designer, decided to collect the artwork, creating Kids-Did-It! Designs®, a California publishing and design studio that also licenses reproduction rights to their growing collection of fresh and colorful illustrations, most created by Michelle's young art students, ages 3 to 14. 

In addition to learning the fundamentals of art and design, each artist represented in the kid's art collection also earns royalties for the reproduction of their artwork!

Today Kids-Did-It! represents more than 130 artists, and more than 88 young children have had their artwork published on a variety of illustrated merchandise under the Kids-Did-It! Designs® retail brand.

The Kids-Did-It! Designs® art collection has grown to more than 500 images and has earned art licensing partners retail success, with one young artist earning over $3,500 in royalty payments  the were paid to her using illustrated checks featuring her own design! 

In addition to licensing artwork to various manufacturers, over the last several years print-on-demand technology has allowed Michelle and Glenn to design and publish products for direct-to-consumer sales, including fine art prints and posters, wall murals, calendars, gift cards and books.

Their first book, celebrates the imagination and creativity of children and is an inspirational how-to/picture book showcasing kids' artwork from their collection. It includes a visual art vocabulary, plus hands-on art and design exercises developed especially for beginning artists.

A (fun) Cookie-Baking Cookbook for Kids, Illustrated by Kids!

The updated iPadebook edition is available from Apple’s iBookstore.

Michelle and Glenn continue to be inspired by children’s artwork and continue searching for new art licensing partners, even as they develop their own illustrated products featuring delightful images from theirKids-Did-It! Designs® kids' art collection.

Blue Cows & Happy Fruit:

Discovering the Artist

in Your Child

More recently Michelle and Glenn co-authored, designed and published a how-to/picture cookbook illustrated by kids. It’s a fun, deliciously cute introduction to baking with tasty, easy-to-follow, and fun-to-look-at cookie recipes. Each recipe was inspired by one of Michelle's students' watercolors, then Michelle tested and modified each recipe to complement the illustration - think extra crispy, cracked and crunchy Dragon Crisps, or delightfully light, fluffy and puffy Lamb Jams.

Tasty dessert recipes deliciously illustrated.

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