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The Art Studio

Throughout the summer young children, ages 5 to 14, joined California artist, author, art director and teacher, Michelle Abrams, for art classes in her San Diego art studio.

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Art Instructor, Michelle Abrams, pictured with teaching assistants, Nick and Megan.

Art Instructor, Michelle Abrams, pictured with teaching assistants, Nick and Megan.

Cocky Rooster Original Watercolor created by kids and chldren.

Cocky Rooster

Chris DeVito 

Age 6

Goldfish Watercolor
Sheep ed Watercolor
Heart Kids watercolor


Adeline Longstreth

Age 7


Emma Griste

Age 7


Bryce Lewis

Age 6

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Michelle's contagious love for the arts brings out the best from her enthusiastic young students during directed-drawing classes. The resulting artwork is fresh, exuberant, and quite inspirational. Michelle often compares the artwork to the classics, describing it as, "quite colorful and strikingly beautiful - worthy of being called 'fine art' in the tradition of Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso or Miro."

Circus Horse Watercolor
Butterfly Watercolor


Jeffrey Shutt

Age 6

Train Watercolor
Frogs Watercolor


Elyse Bobczynski

Age 5

Rudolph watercolor
Peace Angel Watercolor

Peace Angel

Lauren Van Woy

Age 7

Circus Horse

Hannah Bowen, Age 8 

Circus Horse

Hannah Bowen, Age 8 

Red Train

Isabel Tubao

Age 5


Christopher Bowerman

Age 7

Michelle’s professional art and design background allows her to offer students unique insights and individual attention - knowing just when to help, encourage, or redirect them. After class, Michelle encourages parents and students to take their artwork off the refrigerator, enlarge it, frame it, and display it proudly throughout the house!

Earth Check

In 1996, Michelle’s husband, Glenn, was inspired to collect the student’s artwork and now, in addition to the thrill and satisfaction of being published artists, more than 88 young students have contracts and earn royalties for the reproduction of their work.

Butterfly Check

Some artists have even framed their first royalty payment - written on their own check designs, while others use their proceeds as extra allowance, for college savings, or to support causes important to them. 

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